Les Misérable Rhyming

Les Miserables poster

I Saw a Film

I saw a film in recent times,

with quite a cast

and reputation.

You might have seen it publicised

and met with praise

and celebration.

I saw a film

and here’s my say…

I saw a film and I admired

the quite impressive


It wasn’t perfect, but that’s fine

the cast alone

is fascinating.

Anne Hathaway proves she’s a star

and comes with

batteries included.

Hugh Jackman doesn’t go too far,

he takes the scenery

and chews it.

Russell Crowe’s taken a beating

for his vocals sometimes grate.

I must say it didn’t phase me,

but I understand the hate.

I’ve never been much of a fan

of this musical


I guess Tom Hooper was the man

To change my mind,

my tune, my score.

Some hate the cinematography

Because of all the

different close-ups.

Nothing…really…rhymes with cinematography!

Nor with Saha Baron Cohen.


The cast all stepped up to the plate

Though the film dragged

in the middle.

I saw a film I now shall rate

the film I saw was


Final Score

– Opera Over!

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