Hip Hip…

Happy Birthday!

Oh wow! Oh boy! Oh golly! A party? A birthday? Who’s birthday? No, it’s not the cast of Friends…but hey, there are six of them, so who knows. Alright, happy birthday David, Courtney, Jennifer, Matt, Matt, or Lisa. Whichever one of you has a birthday coming up soonest…congratulations.

No, no, no, no, this isn’t about them! What you see up there is just a picture I used. It’s about me, as usual. More specifically, it’s about this blog! Cinema-Rant is officially one year old!

Please contain your excitement! So what should Cinema-Rant feature for its one year anniversary? Should it be a post about a birthday related film? What about just sticking to classics; an old dependable film that everyone feels safe with? No…

So what’s the opposite of a dependable classic film? An exciting fresh Tv-show! See how I segued into that? It’s a good thing this blog isn’t fuelled by wit.

See, someone i know recently came to me “on this, the day of my blog’s birthday”, and asked for a favour…a plug. Actually, it was a generic Facebook message with my name slotted in…but damn it I take these things personally! I figured, why not pay it forward? (Pay It Forward, also the name of a film released in 2000. Good movie, cute idea, and one of the last Haley Joel Osment performances where his head wasn’t too big for his face.) Why not use this vast audience I have…of about 4 people…to shamelessly advertise an up-and-coming independent project. Who knows, what I’m about to show you might become the next great Aussie sitcom. It’s…

Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap is coming to YouTube! I’m guessing that means it’ll be free, as if anything online these days isn’t, which leaves you with no excuse for not seeing it. The show has been described as such:

“Mind the Gap is about a group of Australians living in London on working holiday visas.”

Wait, no, that’s a terrible way to sell it. We’ll try again:

“Mind the Gap is an ensemble sitcom set in West London. It follows a group of six Australians who band together in order to survive the dog-eat-dog nature of the British capital.”

There we go! To me it sounds a little like an Australian Benidorm, which can only mean good things.

I’d love to be able to say that I’m recommending this show on account of having seen it myself, but I can’t because it hasn’t been made yet. In fact, that’s what’s so exciting. You can follow the creation of the show online via its facebook page. It’s like watching an egg hatch!

Come on then!

Or maybe more like one of those little digital Tamagotchi things, for people who want pets but don’t like pets.

Not only should you follow the making of the show, but also give your seal of approval with a click of the ever-so-crucial “like” button. Remember that from the eventual disaster that was Kony 2012? Relax, in this case I feel fairly certain that it won’t end in the continued evasion of an African war criminal followed by the widely publicised arrest of a naked crazy man doing stretches in the street while possessed.

…actually, no. I shouldn’t promise that, I have no idea where the plot will go.

But that’s why we should all follow it and find out. Don’t you want to be part of concocting something new instead of just chewing all things old? It’s important to support new independent shows and movies so that they have a chance to become good ol’ classics. Wouldn’t you love to be able to say “I was one of the people who first helped Friends get off the ground!” or “I was one of the first fans of Seinfeld, before it went big.” Ok, perhaps you’re not that vain, but it’s still a good thing to do. Support new art, new entertainment, and new ideas! Keep your eyes peeled for the first episode on Youtube. I, for one, am excited to see how it’ll turn out. So now, it’s…”to the facebook page!”

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