Ignoradamus 2014 Volume 2

So this was me before Oscar “night” here in Melbourne, Australia, a nearly 2 weeks ago:

Before the OscarsI laid out my predictions, stocked up of foods and sugars, and hoped to the gods of film that I’d do a little better this year.

How did I do?

Oscar results

To be fair, it was a very predictable year. Everyone knew that The Wolf of Wall Street, American Hustle, Nebraska, Captain Phillips, and Philomena had practically no chance of winning anything. So I shouldn’t be so proud of myself…right?

After the Oscars

Only four wrong guesses! Woohoo!! That’s a massive improvement over last year’s effort! With the celebration going on in my head you’d think I’d won an oscar myself, instead of just guessing the outcomes. Yeah right! HAHA HAHA HAHA haha ha ha…ha…ha…ha…. …ha…

– Rant Over!

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